EPIC TM Water Management
The World’s most efficient and versatile water & air management system

EPIC Total Water Solutions offers highly efficient sub surface irrigation, drainage systems, AWG andPassive Cooling Solutions by using the EPIC System .

EPIC stands for Environmental Passive Integrated Conveyance.  The technology has been changing the face of water management for 25 years. The Core technology is based on the Environmental Passive Integrated Conveyance (EPIC) water management system, which combines the world’s most efficient irrigation and drainage system through non-pressurized, gravity driven, capillary physics of washed sand via direct interface of the EPIC subsurface pipe that never clogs. 

With the EPIC Water management system, urban planners and end users could vastly increase their options for achieving real sustainability. This is first and foremost attributed to the  proprietary design of the EPIC system which is:100% anti-clogging and can therefore handle all forms of liquids for irrigation such as TSE, Grey Water, blackwater and sea water!

EPIC Water Management Chamber
Sand Hydroponics

EPIC Total Water Solutions technology are sand hydroponic planting systems, where plants grow in SAND and not soil. Although sand generally has not been recognized as a planting media due to its fast drainage, sand is actually a preferred growing media for most plants. Adhesion and cohesion properties of water create surface tension and capillary rise within the sand growing profile.

Nature’s Pace

Low-Flow water management to mimic nature. Washed sand media provide the perfect combination of stability without compaction and aerobic air-water ratios in the root zone without ever being over-watered.  The plants themselves make the decision of when to drink and when to breathe. EPIC is like a water battery for plants: recharging slowly to perform efficient distribution of water.

Scientific Principles

Water is introduced directly to the roots from the inlet. As water is transpired by the plant, new water is automatically replaced upward into the root zone by capillary action from the sub-surface reservoir. The water film is extended from capillary rise and high oxygen levels among the sand voids provide an ideal growing environment for plant growth.