Due to the enormous uptick of e-commerce and the rapid transition to electric vehicles coupled with the global effort to reduce carbon emissions, Xpitrade has established a new e-mobility division which is a full-service e-mobility unit supporting our customers with their strategy development, business model creation, project management, and complete EV ecosystem services to help our customers meet their electric vehicle transition seamlessly.

Our team is comprised of industry executives who are highly experienced in the electric vehicle industry with focus on commercial fleets. We believe that commercial fleets should be the first to go electric due to their high levels of pollutants, and potential long term cost savings, smart connectivity and relatively easy transition.

Xpitrade’s Key Focus Areas:

  • Known daily range requirements: Average required mileage for delivery vehicles are 100km per day. Therefore high range battery packs are not necessary.
  • Ability to charge overnight: Most commercial delivery fleets will be able to charge overnight and not have to rely on community charging infrastructure.
  • Lower TCO: Xpitrade works with various OEMs to ensure our products and solutions offer the lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) in the industry. Our electric vehicles in most cases are at a similar price levels as gasoline and diesel equivalents.
  • Sustainability: Reducing corporations carbon footprint has become a necessary movement as of late therefore zero emissions is a must for many corporations.
  • Purpose-built Vehicles: Xpitrade can offer a complete service of localizing vehicle assembly for local distribution, training, and support. We believe that the simplicity of electric vehicles provides a better localized opportunity for fleet operators towork with us on their specific needs, thus tailoring solutions around actual work requirements.